SharkTapBYP Ethernet Sniffer (Electronics)

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Img - B07XVM3RTL

SharkTapBYP Ethernet Sniffer (Electronics)


  • A ‘Test Access Port’ allows you to see the packets on an ethernet link. Directly supports 10-, 100- or 1000Base-T links.
  • Intended to be used with the open source Wireshark program, or equivalent.
  • Duplicates link packets to an ethernet port and/or a USB port.
  • The SharkTap implements what Cisco calls a SPAN port: It is a switch with port mirroring enabled. Also called an aggregating tap. Will *not* route from TAP to network.
  • PoE pass-through. Power-fail bypass. 500mA in ethernet TAP mode, 750mA in USB mode

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